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the boy was younger Teenage 12 year's old boy named                     Mazi Adams Mapp Jackson myself Hollywood living Crib Friend my Carlos Geraldo Garcia's he's a friend my own his Mazi Adams Mapp Jackson  moving with Carlos him kid.  one Friend my walcome  The Palm Woods Hotel Apartmant 2J Crib The living Place to myself The Palm Woods Hotel From Hollywood living room apartment 2J Crb

They of the famous are as Young boy Teenage he's new frendster  MaAdams Mapp Jackson his Big Time Rush They famous for its Mazi AdamsMapp Jackson his Big Time Rush is Mazi The new home in the Palm Woods Hotel From Hollywood living in the Palm Woods Hotel From Mazi where the Palm Woods Hotel come  Love plece the Palm Woods Hotel  Moving Form Friends Los Angeles California The living Place The Palm Woods Hollywood Apartmant 2J Crib BigTime Place my own kid one of the new Mousic Jackson 4  Some day Grow up like Michel Jackson he's myself  Big Bother to live in like Michael Jackson  hold him bother deep in the time life aThe Band Jackson 4


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