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Josephene "Jo" Taylor

is the first new girl at the Palm Woods and is actress. She is Best friends with Camille Roberts, and close friends with James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, Logan Mitchell, and Katie Knight. She is curently dating Kendall Knight. She is an aspiring singer and actress although she only sung along with the group and their friends in the episode Big Time Terror and plays Rachel in the CW show New Town High. She first appeared in Big Time Love Song where the guys were battling it out to see who would get to date her. Following these events, it was Kendall who kept on insisting on Jo to give him a chance, but kept turning him down telling him she had a boyfriend back home, when in reality she had no boyfriend and only said that because her career went first and boys second. She eventually began spending more time with Kendall and later started to develop a major crush on him. She was later acknowledged as Kendall's girlfriend at the end-of-year school dance, in episode Big Time Dance. It is shown in Big Time Concert, that Kendall and Jo are dating when Jo kisses Kendall goodbye, stating that That was their first Kiss as a couple, and that It could be their last. Gustavo sell everything to buy Big Time Rush back from Griffin, and it ended up in a happy ending with Jo and Kendall, but it doesn't last. In the first episode of Season two, Welcome Back, Big Time, Kendall sees Jo flirting with a new guy, unaware that he is Jo's new co-star. He gets very jealous of their off-screen, which upsets Jo, causing her to end their relationship, and she tells him that he should forget about her. She later recieves a voicemail from Kendall saying that He can't forget about her. He also tells her that he left her a ticket to Rocktober and that if she comes, he knows that she'll give him a second chance, and if she doesn't, he knows that their relationship is over. Aware of her break-up with Kendall, Jett Stetson, Jo's Co-Star, asks her out on a date to the movies after filming. She rejects the date an heads to Rocktober. Kendall sees Jo in the crowd holding a I ♥ Kendall sign and they later get back together. Later in the episode Big Time Sneakers Jett, Jo, and Kendall are all in a publicity love triangle caused by Jett thus him liking Jo and being Jealous of Kendall. This causes Kendall to hate Jett more than ever.

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