Katie Knight
Katie knight2
Katie Knight


Katherine Alexa Knight

First Appearance:

Big Time Audition

Last Appearance


Potrayed by:

Ciara Bravo


August 29, 2000






Dak Zevon


Hoodie (by Bitters in "Big Time Sneakers")

Katherine Alexa "Katie" Knight is Kendall's smart and michevious little sister. She is smarter then her mom,and usually is found helping Kendall and the others. She enjoys blackmailing and likes to gamble and almost got the entire pile of money and a watch while gambling with some Palm Woods employees, but her mom stopped her and returned the money and the watch. Having amazing business senes, she is able to help to boys out with their plans. Katie goes to Palm Woods School with the boys after starring in a commercial. She is good friends with Tyler. She looks up to Kendall and is a good little sister to him appearing to be a very fond and kind towards him. She helped Kendall in many things, including Mrs. Knight get a date at Kendall's school dance after she just wanted to be a chaperone.

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